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Online marketing

Online marketing changes constantly and this is where we at Irvine Software Company come in to help. We offer full evaluations of your site, provide guidance on how to improve your content, write content, create and manage paid marketing, and assist with social media. Our specialists at Irvine Software Company can be as hands-on as you would like. We are here to customize a plan to make you happy and comfortable with a budget you can afford.

There are many basics a company must understand to ensure the success of your website. First you must decide your goal - is it the sale of a product, get more followers/subscribers, increase brand awareness, etc. Once that has been decided it is time to take an in depth look at your site. There are two types of content you need to concern yourself with. The information on the front end of your site, what your visitors see. Then there is the content hidden in code; Meta titles and Meta descriptions. This is what falls into SEO work, search engine optimization, how the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will find and rank your page for free.

Google Analytics is also set up in order to measure the traffic to your site. With this tool you can see who came to your site, how long they visited, how they entered, what the exit page was, what search engine did they use, what keyword(s) were used, pretty much more data than you can even imagine including real time tracking (you can see how many visitors are on your site and their geographic area).

Once the basics are ready to go then you can think of how to market your site, SEM. Search Engine Marketing is a paid way for you to increase your rankings. This is where you get into Google Adwords, Display Campaigns, Dynamic Remarketing, Social Media Sponsored Ads, and more!


We have over 14 years’ experience selling products and marketing on Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Amazon, and eBay, and we can help you maximize your profits, increase conversions, move up in organic searches on all major search engines.  We can also assist you with diversifying your selling platforms if you so desire.

Consultation and SEO Objectives:

  • Make suggestions on website layout, meta tags and title pages
  • Drive more traffic to your site to get more visitors
  • Research your products to see how the compare to your competitors in regards to price and online placement
  • Help with improving content to increase positioning organically on all major search engines
  • Increase keyword rankings for all major search engines
  • Set up Google Analytics account to monitor visitors to your site
  • Build a Google Adwords and/or BingAds account to include Campaigns for Pay Per Click Advertising based on your budget and goals
  • Create Merchant Accounts and product feed files to submit to Google Shopping and/or BingAds Shopping
  • Monitor all changes and make suggestions and changes
  • Generate sitemap
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