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Association Records

To map the data flow from nopCommerce to HubSpot, you must first associate HubSpot fields with nopCommerce fields.

1. On the Configure HubSpot page, select the Association records tab.

Configure HS Plugin - Association Records

2. Select a HubSpot Field Group.

HubSpot Field Group

3. Select a HubSpot field.

Configure Plugin - Association records - HubSpot Field

4. Select a Customer Field Source.

Configure Plugin - Associated records - Customer Field Source

5. Select a Customer Field Name.

Configure Plugin - Associated records - Customer Field Name

6. Click/tap Add new association.

Configure Plugin - Association records - Add new association button

The newly mapped association wil display in the grid below the Add association record section.

Configure Plugin - Association records - grid

7. Repeat stepsĀ 2-6 to add more association records.

NOTE: Association records are saved automatically when you click/tap Add new association.